Help Utah Children by Donating Stuffed Animals Nov 25, 2011, 8:00 am By Emily Haleck

The little girl created a make-believe courtroom with teddy bears acting as judge, a jury and the accused: her father. The abused child had a difficult time communicating what had happened to her and how terrified it made her feel, but she was able to tell her therapist her story by role playing with the soft stuffed animals.

This child—and thousands of others just like her—have benefited from your donations to Bank of American Fork’s Project Teddy Bear. Each holiday season, we collect new and clean, gently used stuffed animals to give to children at family support centers across Utah. Many of the children are victims of abuse, neglect, poverty or addiction. Some have been taken from their homes into state custody in the middle of the night; others have been moved from one foster home to another, while yet others have experienced the violent loss of a loved one.

All the children have one thing in common: the comfort and safety they feel when they are hugging their very own teddy bear during a traumatic time.

Help us help Utah’s children by donating to Bank of American Fork’s 12th annual Project Teddy Bear. New and clean, gently used stuffed animals will be accepted at any Bank of American Fork location through Dec. 14.

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6 Responses to Help Utah Children by Donating Stuffed Animals

  1. Andrew Lowder says:

    My daughter Jolynn organized a teddy bear drive with the intention of donating them to primary childrens hospital. Unfortunatly, she later found out that the hospital can’t accept them because they are hard to sanitize to hospital standards. She is 13 and heartbroken. Do you know where we can now donate them?
    Any leads would be greatly appreciated.
    Andy Lowder

    • Emily Haleck says:

      Andrew, we can accept those teddy bears and get them to some family support centers nearby. I will email you with more information.

      • Amber says:

        I want to get my children more involved this holiday season… we wanted to help a family in need for the holidays by giving them new and gently used toys but have failed to find someone. Then it popped in my head, stuffed animals! We want to get stuffed animal donations and donate them to children that feel alone this holiday season, or just children that need a friend. But, like the person commented above, hospitals wont take them. Can you give me your donation information so that we can get the ball rolling on this? Thanks so much!

        • Heidi Carmack Pfaffroth says:

          Amber, sorry we missed your comment in November. I hope you found out the details (donate at any branch Thanksgiving through mid-December). If you didn’t, we’d love your participation in 2014.

  2. Jilyn j says:

    ,I would love to help!!! I have a ton of stuffed animals some need new homes..How much can I donate?And Where?

    • Heidi Carmack Pfaffroth says:

      Sorry we missed your comment in November. I hope you were able to find out the details at your local branch. We can take as many as you have at any of our branches. If you weren’t able to find that, we do this each year and would love to give those stuffed animals a home in 2014!

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