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Your online banking account may be a valuable target for cyber criminals. Sophisticated malware—malicious software used to compromise computers—has become the primary attack tool used by online criminals to execute account takeover, steal online banking credentials, personal information and initiate fraudulent transactions in online banking.

To help protect your online information, Bank of American Fork supports free security software called Rapport, which is provided by the financial security experts at Trusteer, Inc. Rapport is downloadable software, available on our website, that works alongside your current anti-virus/spyware software and firewall as an extra layer of protection. It automatically helps protect you while you are in online banking, and it can also be configured to protect other websites with the click of a button.

The big news for Bank of American Fork customers is that now, when you visit our site to use online banking, you will be prompted to download and install the Trusteer Rapport software. You are not required to download it, but if you do not have it on your computer, our site will prompt you to download and install each time you use online banking starting November 27, 2012. If you want to know what it will look like and how it will protect you, you can check out this demo.

The download dialogue box customers will see when they sign into online banking on a computer without Rapport.

Here are some quick notes about Trusteer Rapport:

• Free

• No re-boot required at install

• Takes only a few minutes to download and install

• Doesn’t change the way you work online

• You will not be prompted to download and install if your computer already has it

• Compatible with other financial institutions currently providing this service

• Updates will be pushed out automatically

• You will not be prompted on your mobile device

• You are not required to use it

Trusteer Rapport can help protect you from software designed to track your online habits and eventually steal your critical information.

To download Trusteer’s Rapport, visit our website and click on the download links.

To see the product demo, click here.

If you have other questions, call us at 1-800-815-BANK or visit us at .

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