Bounce Protection® for Business Dec 03, 2012, 8:00 am By Heidi Carmack Pfaffroth

You’re treating a client to a nice dinner when the server announces your corporate debit card was declined. Perhaps you’re at a trade show and realize you need to pay extra in order to get your booth up and running, but your debit card is again declined. Or there’s that order you need to place today to avoid a major inventory crisis, but there’s not quite enough in the company checking account to cover the cost.

These are scenarios you never want to find yourself in. And with Bounce Protection® for Business from Bank of American Fork, you never have to. For the times when there’s not enough money in the corporate account, we have a financial safety net. Bounce Protection® can cover your transactions when your checking account has insufficient funds. That way you’ll prevent important payments from being missed.

The best part is that Bounce Protection® doesn’t cost you a penny until you use it. If you qualify, it will be automatically added to your account, although you can opt out if you wish. You can choose to have it cover only your checks, or have it also cover your ATM withdrawals and debit-card purchases that would otherwise be declined due to insufficient funds. A $25 fee will apply for each covered transaction.*

Bounce Protection® for Business is available beginning today.

Learn more about this new service at .

Bounce Protection is a registered trademark of Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.

*Pricing accurate as of Sept. 21, 2012.

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