Bank of American Fork executive retires after 44 years

On February 27, Bank of American Fork will be honoring one of its most industrious, highly regarded executives, Larry Miner, as he retires after almost 45 years of service to the bank. He retires as a senior vice president, chief operating officer and one of the longest-tenured associates at Bank of American Fork. Refreshments will be served at the American Fork branch, 33 E. Main Street, from 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m., and anyone who would like to wish Miner well in his retirement is invited to come.

Miner began working at Bank of American Fork to earn income and get a jump on the job market while he was in school at Brigham Young University. The bank hired him in September 1968 to work from 2-4 p.m. at the walk-up teller. He graduated with a degree in business management and accounting economics in 1970. The bank hired him full-time—he had a strong work ethic and pleasant personality. At that time the bank had fewer than 20 employees. Miner saw the bank grow to more than 300 employees by the time he retired.

Miner advanced through the bank, working as a collections agent, assistant cashier and cashier. The bank added additional branches and Miner became responsible as the chief financial officer and later the chief operating officer. Miner served as secretary to the board of directors for many years. His prudent financial management kept expenses in check.

Miner is active in the community and served as the director, secretary and treasurer of the Highland Water Company for many years and as a board member and president of the American Fork Chamber of Commerce. He continues to serve the community through various charities and civic organizations.

Miner remembers the bank establishing a reputation for state-of-the-art products. During his first few years at the bank—the late ‘60s and early ‘70s—Miner remembers the beginning of a progressive era for the bank. He recalls the excitement when the bank purchased its first computer and held an open house for the excited community—an important piece of history to reflect on as the bank looks back to its 100 years during its centennial year. Miner’s history with Bank of American Fork and memory has proved to be a valuable resource, along with the other great contributions he has made.

“Larry is a living example of the value of the bank,” said Richard Beard, president and CEO of Bank of American Fork. “He has been concerned that customers feel valued and cared for while balancing compliance, regulatory and risk issues facing the banking industry.”

Miner has been an integral part of Bank of American Fork and will be missed by many.

Larry Miner seals a 100-year time capsule at Bank of American Fork's Centennial Kick-off Celebration. The capsule contains current bank paraphernalia, a smartphone, historical floorboards dug up in recent renovations and more.

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