Frugal Shopper: Three ways to price match fast

Our new series, Frugal Shopper with Rachel Turner, brings you tips for paying less and getting more at the grocery store. You know you don’t have the time to go to 37 different grocery stores to find the best price for cheddar cheese, and so does Rachel. She does the price matching for you. Just print out your list from (or pull it up on your smartphone) and tell the checker what’s up. Grocery store shopping has never been so easy!

Guest post by Rachel Turner, founder and owner of

With or without kids in tow, grocery shopping can drag on if you are not prepared and you shop in the wrong order. When you are ready to price match, take some of these suggestions to heart to save money and save yourself from unnecessary frustration.

Make a categorized list before you price match

It is so easy to get distracted and go over budget when you price match without a plan. Put your list into categories like dairy, meats and snacks so you can figure out what your needs are first. When you map out your grocery list into categories, you will easily find the items you are looking for. If you skip this important step and price match, you will find things in your cart that you don’t need and forget several things that you did need. Ever start a recipe and half way through realize you didn’t buy the eggs? I have been there. I also don’t like price match when I am so disorganized that I find myself going down the same aisle multiple times. If I had only categorized my price match list!

Begin your price match at the back of the store

If you price match at the front of the store and work your way to the back of the store, your cart will be so heavy it will feel like pushing a dog sled uphill by the time you reach checkout. When you begin your price match at the back of the store you can weave up the aisles until you arrive at the front of the store with a full cart. By planning for just a minute or two before arriving, you can make your price match trip a breeze. Saving money is great, but saving time is equally important. I have two small children and for that reason I find this method extremely effective.

Take an extra cart through the checkout line when you price match

Ever start unloading your cart when you price match and find that once it is bagged, it never fits back in the cart the same way? It must be some kind of magic trick! Not to mention, most times I am not done unloading my cart in time to have the bagger begin to fill it. I don’t like my grocery bags being on the ground, tipping over because I wasn’t ready to load them in. Take an extra second to grab a cart and you will be so much faster through the checkout line when you price match.

Rachel Turner is the founder and owner of , where her savvy skills can help you save money on your groceries. This self-taught, New York-born-and-bred mother of two loves saving time and money—and it kills her to see you missing out saving time and money! That’s how she became that woman you met in the Walmart juice aisle who told you to save a few by letting the cashier know how much that apple juice is on sale for at that other grocery store.

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