How free security software is helping bank customers

Last year Bank of American Fork teamed up with Trusteer, Inc. to offer the free security software, Rapport™, as an extra layer of protection. Rapport is downloadable software, available on our website, that works alongside your current anti-virus and/or spyware software and firewall. It automatically helps protect you while you are in online banking, and can also be configured to protect other websites with the click of a button.

Bank customers are not required to download the Trusteer Rapport software, but if you do not have it on your computer, our site will periodically prompt you to download and install it when you use online banking. Since we began offering this service last November, there have been 4,368 total downloads and now 17 percent of online banking accesses by our customers are in a more secure environment.

If Rapport finds a strand of malware that is malicious to online banking and financial institutions, it will either block or remove it. Since November 2012, there have been 100 total malware infections detected, and 45 total malware infections removed. The other 55 infections were either blocked, or not found to be malicious to online banking or financial institutions.

Recently, another security product that Bank of American Fork uses detected a potential threat. A security engineer from the company contacted our eBanking department about an online banking ID that was accessing its own online banking from an IP address that was linked to compromised machines. The Bank of American Fork eBanking team quickly contacted the customer to notify them of possible fraud or account misuse. The customer changed their online banking passwords and downloaded Trusteer Rapport as an extra layer of protection. The very next day, Trusteer alerted the eBanking team that the same online banking ID was accessing online banking from a malware-infected computer. About an hour later, Trusteer alerted the eBanking team that the malware strand “Zeus”—an aggressive strand responsible for millions of dollars of fraud elsewhere—was removed from the machine. The eBanking team notified the customer that the malware was removed, resulting in both a happy customer and a satisfied eBanking team.

How can you have safer online banking experiences?

1. Bank with Bank of American Fork. Our eBanking team is proactive when it comes to detecting and eliminating threats to your accounts.

2. Download Trusteer Rapport, here. Rapport works as an extra layer of protection against malware.

3. Do what you can.

• Install anti-virus software on your computer.

• Use a password for online banking that includes letters, numbers and special characters. Make sure you change it regularly.

• Always sign out of your online banking account when you’re finished with your session.

Do you have more questions about security? Visit our website or call 800-815-BANK.

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