Did you know that you can pay anyone, anywhere, anytime without writing a check?

Do you sometimes feel like you’re spending all of your time paying bills? Eliminate the paperwork and set up online payments. Online payments through your bank are safe and easy. “Push” payments are a safe and easy way to pay your bills, because the bank pushes the payment out to the billing company (the opposite, a “pull” payment, requires you to give your account information to your billing company and they pull it out of your account each month).

PowerPay™ is Bank of American Fork’s online bill pay service that allows you to make payments for bills that you normally send through the mail. To use this “push” payment service, all you need is Internet access and a Bank of American Fork online banking account. When you have those, you can use PowerPay to:

• Make payments online, saving money on checks, stamps and envelopes

• Schedule one-time or recurring payments

• Use any of your checking accounts to pay bills

• Easily access your transaction history and pending payments anytime you want

• View images of cleared transactions sent through PowerPay

• Feel confident knowing your payment information is protected 24/7

• Spend your time where it matters most

PowerPay is free with your online personal and business banking and you can set it up in these easy steps:

1. Log into your online banking.

2. Click PowerPay.

3. Select an account (or accounts) out of which you want the payments to go.

4. Set up your payees under the link at the top titled “Payees.”

5. Set up your payments through the links at the top titled “Add Payment” or “Quick Payment.”

6. Track your payments through the link at the top titled “History.”

Save time and money by signing up for PowerPay today. 

PowerPay is a trademark of Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.

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