Frugal Shopper: Knowing when to buy bulk food is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Our new series, Frugal Shopper with Rachel Turner, brings you tips for paying less and getting more at the grocery store. You know you don’t have the time to go to 37 different grocery stores to find the best price for cheddar cheese, and so does Rachel. She does the price matching for you. Just print out your list from (or pull it up on your smartphone) and tell the checker what’s up. Grocery store shopping has never been so easy!

Guest post by Rachel Turner, founder and owner of

We all want to build our food storage and buy the food we love in bulk. The trick is the timing of these purchases if you want the most bang for your buck. Once you learn the sales cycle, you will have a full pantry and a full wallet. If you are going to buy bulk food, these are some tips you may want to consider:

Buy bulk food during major holidays.

Holiday seasons like Christmas and Independence Day are just a few of the times during which that you can shop during to really build your food storage on less cash.

Need to stock up on your baking supplies?

If you’re low on chocolate chips, evaporated milk, flour or other baking supplies, then the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons are for you! Many people do a lot of baking during these holidays and grocery stores know it. They know that if they offer you the best prices on items you need to buy, they will get your business and then some! Grocery stores make certain these “must have” items are deeply discounted and then count on you doing the rest of your shopping there.

Low on meat?

Warm-weather holidays like Memorial Day, Father’s Day and Independence Day are great for those tender ribs, ground beef for burgers and steaks. Everyone likes a good barbecue and the grocery stores will compete for your business. What that means for you is fantastically low prices on barbecue meats. It’s a good idea to have an extra freezer in your house, and the money you’ll save on good quality meats will likely offset the cost. If, however, it’s a good spiral ham or whole turkey that you want to stock up on, then Thanksgiving and Christmas are your best bets for good deals.

Want to really build your food storage?

January is a huge month for food storage fans. Many grocery stores do their case-lot sales during this month, especially canned foods. Canned foods are one of the best items to store because they have a longer shelf life than other items.

Price match to buy bulk foods on the cheap.

With so many stores competing for your business these times of year, take advantage by price matching. On you can see all deals hassle-free because the research is already done organized into categories. So start organizing your pantry and make room to buy bulk food on a dime!

Rachel Turner is the founder and owner of , where her savvy skills can help you save money on your groceries. This self-taught, New York-born-and-bred mother of two loves saving time and money—and it kills her to see you missing out saving time and money! That’s how she became that woman you met in the Walmart juice aisle who told you to save a few by letting the cashier know how much that apple juice is on sale for at that other grocery store.

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