Bonus history and cookie spotlight: Layton’s one-year anniversary

We’re celebrating one hundred years of serving Utah communities with free cookie Fridays. Each month one of our 13 branches will be spotlighted—for that month, the spotlighted branch will have free cookies in their lobby. This month we are doubling up with Draper and Layton spotlights! November 19 is our one-year anniversary of the Layton branch. You can read a little bit about the history of Bank of American Fork below, with a history of the spotlighted branch. For a deeper history and to view photos visit here and select “downloads”.

Bank of American Fork was established in 1913 as The People’s State Bank of American Fork. The first two decades after opening brought success for the bank and its reputation for being safe and sound was solidified. Challenges came in 1932, when the People’s State Bank of American Fork closed its doors to prevent a run on deposits. While a third of the nation’s banks did the same and never reopened, the People’s State Bank was open for business nine months later after tremendous sacrifice on the part of its management. The 1940s and ‘50s were better years for banking, and the People’s State Bank of American Fork thrived. In the 1960s the name was shortened to Bank of American Fork and proved itself a technological leader when it made a large investment in upgrading to advanced computerized systems. In the ‘80s and ‘90s, Bank of American Fork began to receive national recognition for being safe and strong. It was during this time that the bank began strategic expansion across Utah, finding communities where Bank of American Fork fit and filled needs. Today, we are proud to be a part of 13 communities, and Utah’s community bank leader.

Layton Branch November 19, 2012 Bank of American Fork opened its 13th branch and first in Davis County. The bank was staffed with locals and a Davis County Advisory Board was established to ensure strong ties to Layton and surrounding communities. After a Kaysville-based community bank closed, Bank of American Fork saw a need in Davis County for a community bank. A loan officer began generating loans in the Layton area, and the bank purchased a portion of the previous Barnes Bank’s loans. Bank of American Fork hired seasoned Davis County bankers and established an advisory board made up of prominent members of the commercial market in Davis County to keep tied to the needs of the community in Layton.

Don’t forget to stop by the Layton branch on Fridays in November for cookies!

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