My Card and the Target Breach

By Amy Falke

If you used your credit or debit card at any Target store between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15, we recommend that you cancel and replace your card even if you have not seen any fraud yet. Target’s systems were breached and card numbers used during these dates were stolen and are at risk of fraud.

In an effort to protect our customers, cards that have we identified as being at risk will be blocked by the end of this week. We are actively reaching out to notify these individuals to inform them of the breach and that their card will be blocked.  Blocking these cards is for the benefit and security of our customers. For more information or to block/replace your card, call Bank of American Fork’s customer service representatives at 801-642-3000 or 800-815-BANK. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding this issue:

I didn’t request to block my card. Why was it blocked?

  • If we have identified a card used at Target between November 27 and December 15 the card was at risk and was blocked.  If this card was not used at Target during these times, there may be a different issue. Please contact Customer Service.

My card was blocked. Why wasn’t I notified?

  • Bank of American Fork has been reaching out through phone or email directing customers to look for a secure message on their online banking. In some cases, incorrect or outdated contact information is all that we had on an account which made it difficult to reach certain customers.  This may have been the case on your account. Please contact Customer Service or visit a branch to verify your contact information. We apologize for any inconvenience.

I used my Bank of American Fork debit or credit card at Target during the compromised window but I do not see any fraudulent activity.  Do I really need to block my card?

  • Though the compromise was recent, it can take months before fraud occurs on a stolen card.  To protect the funds in your account from possible future fraudulent transactions, we would strongly recommend blocking and reissuing your debit/credit card.

How do I go about replacing my compromised debit or credit card?

  • For a compromised debit card you can come into a branch for an instant issue card or call Customer Service to have a card mailed to your home.
  • For a compromised credit card: Please call Customer Service to have your card blocked and reissued/mailed.

What do I do if I’ve already seen fraud on my account?

  • Contact Customer Service to file the dispute

If I do see fraud on my account, won’t it just be from Target?

  • No.  Though the compromise occurred at Target, once the card information has been compromised, it can be used in the form of a counterfeit card all over the world.

Since my debit card is attached to my checking account, does this mean I need to get a new checking account number too?

  • No, your checking account number & attached personal information have not been compromised; the compromise only affects the 16 digit debit/credit card number & magnetic stripe information.

If my card hasn’t been blocked does it mean my card information was not compromised?

  • We have made a great effort to identify those customers whose card information has been compromised, but we still encourage all customers to review their statements to look for transactions completed at Target between November 27 and December 15. If your statement shows that your card was used during this time, we strongly recommend calling customer service to block and replace your card.

How do I contact Customer Service?

  • Call  801-642-3000 or 800-815-BANK between 7:15am and 6:15pm or visit a branch.

As more time passes, more information is coming to light about the severity and scope of the Target breach.  To better assist its customers in answering Breach related questions, Target has put together a great information page with links about checking your credit, being educated about phishing scams, as well as general identity security tips.  Here is the link:

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