Stay fiscally fit: Measure goal progress with online money manager

This year, we’ve spent some time focusing on making sure you know about and have access to the tools that will help you be fiscally fit when used responsibly. Chances are you’ve made some changes in your money management this year, since interest in saving money, effort towards saving money and effectiveness in saving money all rose for Americans in the first four months of this year, according to the America Saves Personal Savings Index. Now you’re thinking about evaluating your goals so you can adjust where needed. When it comes to goal-setting, sometimes measurement and evaluation are the hardest part! However, without measuring and evaluating, it’s nearly impossible to know whether the steps we’re taking to reach goals are working.

Enter online money manager. This online aggregator service allows you to automatically pull all of your financial accounts together in one place, set budgeting goals and then automatically track your progress towards those goals! This makes budgeting simple (and cheap, since it’s a free tool).

Here’s how online money manager works and how you might be able to use it to help you get or stay fiscally fit (even when you’re traveling and having fun all summer).

Our online money manager works for our customers. This smart and sleek financial management and budgeting tool allows you to get a complete picture of all your finances in one place. Link all of your bank accounts, retirement accounts, credit cards, mortgage loans, investments and other financial online accounts—whether at Bank of American Fork or thousands of other institutions—to the online money manager within your Bank of American Fork online banking account. You can budget and manage your money with more clarity because all of your transactions and balances are in one place.

Here’s an overview of how you can use online money manager:

Get a complete financial picture – view all accounts (checking, savings, retirement, mortgage, credit card, investments and more), including those from other financial institutions, in one place

Track expenses – automated and manual categorization of expenses

Create a budget – the budget wizard helps create a budget based on actual income and expense or using national averages

Track savings goals – budget for and track savings goals, making it easier to create a realistic savings plan

Set alerts – choose user-defined spending limits, balance, deposit or transaction alerts to be sent via email or text message

To use the Online Money Manager, just log into your online banking and click on the “Money Manager” tab. To enroll in online banking, visit any Bank of American Fork branch, use our live chat feature at or contact us at 1-800-815-BANK.

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