How some of the latest technology can help your business run smoothly

With a steadily improving economy, your business may be picking up, and you might be looking for more ways to improve efficiency. If this sounds like you, or if you’ve ever wished you had more hours in the working day to get everything done, we may have solutions for you. Bank technology is ever-improving, and we have a suite of online products designed specifically to help you get everything done, more easily.

Below are some of the products and services we offer—when you check out this list, you might even find a service you didn’t know you need, but could make a big difference.

Online Business Banking

Online business banking is a free service that allows business customers to manage their business bank accounts using the internet from any location at any hour, day or night. We tailored our online business banking for businesses. It allows customers to do things like transfer funds, send ACH pay to employees and send money by wire transfer. You can grant customized account access to authorized staff, download our free security software and more. Read about more of these services below!

Positive Pay

Positive Pay is a unique fraud protection service available to online business banking users. It allows business customers like you to ensure that checks they have written are cashed by the correct parties and for the correct amounts. When you choose to use Positive Pay, the information you input electronically is compared against the check presented for payment at the bank, to make sure there’s a match. Fees apply.


ExpressDeposit is a remote deposit service that allows you to electronically deposit checks into their Bank of American Fork accounts without going to a branch. Deposits are made from any location with internet access by using a small check scanning device. This will save you the time and expense of going to a branch, and you can make deposits after branches are closed. Fees apply.

Non-Analyzed ACH and Wires

Non-analyzed ACH or wires provides small business customers who send minimal wires or process few ACHs the ability to send wires and initiate ACH items using online business banking. One of our online banking team members can visit you for training, and then you can save time and money by paying your employees from home. Fees apply.

Business Bill Pay

Business Bill Pay is a simple service that allows you to make payments via the internet to any checking account without writing a check. You can set this up by clicking the PowerPay tab when you log into your online business banking account.

SaveSmart Commercial

SaveSmart Commercial is a high interest-bearing savings account offered to businesses. Because you open and access it exclusively online you can earn more on your savings and manage it all from home or your business. Fees may apply.


ExpressCollect is an easy way for small businesses, non-profits and other organizations to accept online payments or donations directly from their customer’s bank account or with bank cards. This is ideal for organizations that do have access to or the need for an online shopping cart but want to provide the convenience of online payments or donations for their customers. This may benefit you and your managers by improving your cash flow because of timely deposits. Fees apply. Subject to approval.

At Bank of American Fork we have solutions for your business to save you time and money. Talk to one of our eBanking team members by calling 800-815-BANK or go to and find the “live chat” button on the top right corner.

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