Money manager tip: Accounts

Have you tried Bank of American Fork’s new money manager in online banking? It’s powered by MX and has some neat features to help you manage your income, spending, budgeting and even see your net worth.

To use the money manager, just log in to online banking and click the money manager tab. From there, we’ll walk you through some of the steps to aggregate your accounts and begin to set up budgets. If you don’t have online banking, call us at 800-815-BANK and a real, live person will help you get set up.

One of the awesome features of money manager is that you can see all of your accounts in a single place:

Connect your Bank of American Fork accounts and accounts at other financial institutions for a single view of your internal accounts (“held”) and external accounts (“held away”). You can see your life insurance policy, 401(k) accounts, savings accounts and checking accounts. You can change the account name, account type, interest rate, credit limit, original balance and account purpose (business or personal). Once you add each account, you can also manage alerts, exclude the account, mark the account as duplicate and see the historical balance.


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