How to personalize your debit card

Bank of American Fork lets you easily customize your VISA® debit card to express your style.

 You might have heard that as a Bank of American Fork debit cardholder you have the ability to design your own VISA® debit card. It’s actually really easy, and can help keep you from mixing up your cards for different accounts, whether they are for business or personal use.

The customization process:

The entire customization process only takes a few moments and requires no software download.  All you need is Internet access and a Bank of American Fork debit card.  When you have those, you’re ready to get started:

  • Visit the MYCA® design site by following the link on our Personalized Debit Cards page, and specify whether you have a “business” or “consumer” card.
  • The site has a photo gallery you can choose from, or you can upload one of your own.
  • Format the photo to fit your card.
  • Preview the finished product, enter verification information and submit.
  • You should receive your personalized debit card by mail in 7-10 business days!

You can customize one card per signer per account for free; after the first image, there is a $5 fee to change the image.

VISA is a federally registered trademark of Visa.

 MYCA is a registered service mark of CPI Card Group-Colorado, Inc.

This article is part of our personalized debit card series for our products and services guide.

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