Home Sweet Home: The Bathroom

Use our visual guide to help you know when you’ll need to make replacements or repairs in your bathroom.

Recently when I was brushing my teeth I noticed that my sink might need to be replaced. I looked over at the other sink, and noticed it was in the same condition—a little rust and corrosion that we had cleaned and taken care of was coming back, and it appeared this time we might just need to replace them. I wasn’t sure how old the sinks were, but I wasn’t surprised since the bathroom needed a new toilet when we moved in.

Since my team recently created this infographic guide to estimating when one needs to make bathroom replacements and repairs, I took a look to get an idea of whether the sink replacements were going to be the only upgrade in the next few years. I have been going through these infographics to get a better idea of when to expect to make repairs or replacements so that I can save and budget for them, instead of waiting until the repair or replacement comes up and scrambling to pay for it without going into debt.


Unless you’re a contractor or builder or handyman that already has a good idea about appliance or home repairs in your back pocket, you may want to take a look at this guide so you can begin saving for upcoming repairs and replacements. We’re posting guides for your home’s exterior, kitchen, bathroom, living room and basement, so check previous posts and come back for more.

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