We’re excited to offer Samsung Pay

Bank of American Fork customers can now use Samsung Pay with their debit cards.

Did you know that Samsung Pay is now available for use with Bank of American Fork debit cards? While we have offered Apple Pay with Bank of American Fork debit cards for some time now, we’re excited to offer Samsung Pay to those customers not using Apple devices. We hope this new product will help make your financial life easy and help your day-to-day life run smoothly.

To set up Samsung Pay on your smartphone with your Bank of American Fork debit card, simply follow the instructions from the Samsung Pay application. You may be prompted to contact the Bank for verification purposes and to complete enrollment. Feel free to call us (801-815-BANK) or stop by any of our branches if you need assistance completing the enrollment approval process.

Mobile payment systems like Samsung Pay offer a secure and fast way to manage your finances while on the go. While these mobile payment systems are only accepted at select merchants, the number of locations accepting this payment method is growing.

The following Q&A’s are to help answer questions you may have regarding Samsung Pay.

Do I have to use Samsung Pay?Image of a couple embracing with overlaying text that says: Love your bank. Love your phone. You can now use Samsung Pay to get something special for that special someone.

Is there a fee to use Samsung Pay?
No, neither the Bank, nor Samsung charge fees to use Samsung Pay.

How do I set up Samsung Pay?
To set it up on your smartphone with your Bank of American Fork debit card, follow the instructions from the Samsung Pay application.  The application may instruct you to contact the Bank to complete some additional account verification to complete the enrollment.

If you have questions, call Bank of American Fork to complete the enrollment approval process.

You can always call 801-815-BANK for help in setting up your card for use with Samsung Pay.

Is Samsung Pay secure?
Samsung Pay uses near-field communication, which is difficult to eavesdrop on, and debit and credit card numbers are not shared with merchants, lessening the risk of fraud using those numbers. Although fraudsters are always looking for new ways to exploit, we are also constantly looking for new and improved ways to protect our customers.

Samsung Pay also uses magnetic secure transmission, which sends a magnetic signal from a compatible device to the payment terminal’s card reader (to emulate swiping a physical payment card). MST payments do not require the merchant to upgrade the payment terminal beyond software updates, so Samsung Pay claims it is available for use at nearly all payment terminals with a card reader.

Samsung Pay uses a unique digital card number in place of your actual payment card’s number. Your information is kept private and secure from the retailer, and only your bank and the card’s payment network will have certain information on the transaction.

We will be sure to let you know when Samsung Pay (and Apple Pay) are available with Bank of American Fork credit cards, and when Android Pay will be available to customers. We are hoping to have these feature rolled out some time in 2017.

Enjoy this new feature!

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