Financial advice from our new branch in Bountiful

We now have a branch in Bountiful, our 15th location.

On May 19th we opened the doors to our 15th location! The branch is located in Bountiful at 95 E 500 S. We have branches serving communities from Layton to St. George, and we’re excited to be serving the community of Bountiful with its own branch.

We’ve hired Rich Mortensen as the branch manager, David Jackman as the commercial loan officer, and David Child as a mortgage loan officer. Sherri Nelson, who has been with the Bank for 16 years, will be the operations manager. The team brings years of banking experience to the new branch.

Sherri Nelson is looking forward to working with the people and businesses in the community. To help celebrate the opening of this branch, I asked Sherri the following question: What financial tips have helped you in your personal life the most? Here’s what she had to say!

I spend a lot of time assisting people with their finances, and as a result, I’ve learned many valuable financial lessons over the years. But the one financial tip I’d like to share, and one that has been very helpful to me in my personal life, is to make a budget and stick to it.

My husband and I have not always stuck to our budget, and it’s at those times that we begin to feel that we are overwhelmed and losing control of our finances. Over time, we’ve had to find ways to make sure we stay true to our budget.

One thing we learned was that in order to stick to our budget, we have had to pay ourselves first. This way, we don’t feel like all we are doing is paying bills. So a few years back we decided to take our allowance in cash on payday. We’ve learned that when we would just use our debit cards, we wouldn’t really think about what we were buying or how much it cost. But when we are paying with cash, we really think about it, because we know we have to make our cash last until our next payday.

We’ve learned over the years to not overextend ourselves in debt. Debt is bondage, and once you get into it, it takes a lot of work to get out. It’s a wonderful feeling to be released from that bondage, and staying true to our budget has played a big role in that.

The Bountiful branch will be participating in the Bountiful City parade on Saturday, July 21 at 6 p.m.  

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