How to save money this football season

Saying goodbye to summer and welcoming the first few signs of fall can only mean one thing for football fans – the season is underway! Whether your preference is college football Saturdays or NFL Sundays (or if you’re anything like me – both), this is the time of year to get together with family and friends to cheer on your favorite teams.

As you enjoy football season this fall, here are a few quick tips to consider that might help you save some money:

Enjoy the game from home
While nothing can quite replace the experience of being at the stadium on game day, advances with in-home technologies (like big screen TVs, high-definition broadcasts and the ability to pause and rewind live TV) have really helped improve the experience of watching games from home.

Split cable costs
If you have to upgrade your cable package to get the channel your favorite team plays on, see if you can split the cost with family and friends. If just you (or one of your football-watching friends) will offer to upgrade to the necessary cable package, the group can get together at that location each week to watch the game and help cover the cost of the cable bill each month.

Sell your season tickets to one game
If you’re a season ticket holder, look into selling your tickets to one of the bigger games of the season. By selling your tickets to one of the big games, the money you make on the sale might be able to help cover the overall cost of your season tickets.

Get everyone involved with your party
If you plan to have people over on game day, try to get the group involved with providing snacks and drinks. The costs of providing all of the game-day treats by yourself can begin to add up.

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