Three ways to improve office environment for happier employees and increased productivity

You’ve probably spent some considerable time thinking about how you can improve efficiency in your business. Have you considered what you can do to improve the working environment for your employees? A recent study shows that employees who are happy or feel satisfied in the office environment are 12 percent more productive.

So what can you do to make or keep employees happy and satisfied?

Make sure work areas are comfortable. A study by Staples shows that office ergonomics can improve productivity and well-being. A whopping 86 percent of people report some discomfort from office furniture and equipment. When you consider the cost of upgrading work stations to include ergonomic chairs or standing desks (since studies show that sitting might be the new smoking), remember to weigh it against the benefit of happier, more-productive employees.

Consider allowing telecommuting or more-flexible work hours. Employees who are given flexible hours or allowed to telecommute may be more loyal, according to this study. When you consider the high cost of turnover, it may seem worth it to make room in your policies for flexibility and telecommuting.

Eliminate office politics. Making the lists of top reasons people quit over and over again are things like: not feeling respected by coworkers or supervisors, not getting along with coworkers and other office politics. Consider how you can improve the environment in your office and help people to get along. This may be the hardest change to make—just figuring out what the problem is can be tough. Try starting with an employee survey. Encourage employees to be honest with their answers. Then, make sure you do something about the issues they feel are important.

Consider improving your office environment to increase productivity. You may end up happier and more productive yourself!

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