Debit Card Tips to Protect Yourself From Fraud

While we have many layers of protection to help keep your money and accounts safe, we know you also want to know what you can do to help protect yourself from fraud. Here are some good, solid tips and information worth considering:

• Get into the habit of reviewing your transactions regularly for any unauthorized activity. Try setting a weekly time to quickly check in on your account to help you make it a habit. Or, make it a habit to check it after you check Facebook® or Instagram™ (since most of us are good at keeping that habit).

• If you notice a fraudulent transaction on your debit card, or your card is lost or stolen, contact the bank immediately at 800-815-BANK. Even if it’s after our call center hours, you can follow the instructions on the phone system to report and block your card. You can also do this through online banking. If you’re with another financial institution, make sure you contact them immediately.

• Make sure you let your bank know as soon as you notice—the more quickly you report it, the easier it may be to resolve.

• When using your debit card with your PIN (find out why and how to use “credit” versus “debit” here) make sure that no one is peering over your shoulder or getting suspiciously close to you. Attempt to cover your PIN with your other hand while you enter it into the keypad. Never share your PIN with anyone over the phone or in person.

• Did you know that your PIN should only be asked for if you and the card are both present at the time of the transaction?

• To receive timely alerts on certain types of suspicious activity, you can enroll your Bank of American Fork debit card in the text alert service smsGuardian™. Find details here or by calling 800-815-BANK. If you’re with another financial institution, ask about any services they may have to help you be alerted of suspicious activity.

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Armed with some of the tips and information above, you can help protect yourself from fraud. Have you heard any other good ideas to protect yourself from fraud when using a debit card?

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