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Back in July, we jointly announced an agreement for Bank of American Fork to acquire all seven Banner Bank branches in Utah, with the associated deposits and loans, and to operate them as Bank of American Fork, a division of People’s Intermountain Bank.

The transaction is intended to close today, October 6 (“The Closing Date”) and this weekend (October 6 – October 8), Banner Bank’s Utah locations will be converted to branches of Bank of American Fork. The Banner Bank Woods Cross and Orem branches will be consolidated with and into the nearby Bountiful and Orem branches of Bank of American Fork, and the remaining five branches are located in Salt Lake City, South Jordan, Provo, Springville and Salem.

Following the Closing Date, Customers of Banner Bank whose accounts were based in Utah will become customers of Bank of American Fork. We welcome you as one of our customers and we commit to continue providing you with some of the best service in the country!

We understand that any transition in banking services can cause concern. We hope you will feel at home with us for a variety of reasons. First, many of the same great people who have served you at Banner Bank will be joining the Bank of American Fork family, and will continue taking care of your banking needs. Also, our current customers rank us as one of the best banks in the nation.

As you get to know us, here is some more information about Bank of American Fork and the branch conversions.

Who is Bank of American Fork?
Bank of American Fork, a division of People’s Intermountain Bank, has been serving communities in Utah since 1913. Now with 25 locations in the People’s Intermountain Bank family, spanning from Preston, Idaho to St. George, Utah, our products and services continue to be conveniently available to an increasing number of people. With a focus on customer-service and community building, we are committed to providing high-quality service to all those we work with.

Bank of American Fork serves the Wasatch Front and St. George, and Lewiston State Bank serves the Cache Valley area. When these two banks merged a few years ago, we wanted the strength from sharing resources, but we didn’t want to lose that community-banking relationship with our customers, so we renamed our shared banking charter People’s Intermountain Bank.

We are creating a community-banking family to make sure we can continue to provide our customers with a great, local experience that includes innovative technologies that are safe and sound. You will be able to use any of the 25 branches in the PIB family the same as you would your primary branch, even though they use different names.

Where are all of Bank of American Fork’s branches located?

Did my products change?
Following the Closing Date, your products and accounts you had at Banner Bank will be transitioned into products and accounts at Bank of American Fork. Detailed information about bank products, and how your accounts will transition, can be found beginning on page 10 of the Customer Conversion Guide.

What happens to my Safe Deposit Box?
Following the Closing Date, your safe deposit box rental will be transitioned to Bank of American Fork. The contents will continue to be available and accessible to you during normal banking operations. Information about safe deposit boxes can be found on page 20 of the Customer Conversion Guide.

Will my branch close?
As of Monday, October 9, all of Banner Bank’s Utah locations will have transitioned to Bank of American Fork locations. The Banner Bank Orem and Woods Cross branches will be consolidated at that time into the nearby Orem and Bountiful branches of Bank of American Fork, respectively. Information about branch locations can be found on page 6 of the Customer Conversion Guide.

Why did Banner Bank choose to sell the Utah locations to Bank of American Fork?
A number of factors were considered in the decision-making process. Among them were conveniences for clients and overall brand presence in the Utah market. Bank of American Fork, along with our other brands, People’s Intermountain Bank and Lewiston State Bank, have a strong and growing presence in Utah, and now provides clients with additional locations through which they can conduct their banking.

Official logo of Bank of American Fork, with the text "Bank of American Fork - Big City Banking, Small Town Service"

I have relationships with the bankers who worked at Banner Bank. Do they now have positions with Bank of American Fork?
We understand the importance of relationships between bankers and customers, and the role these relationships play in the community-banking process. Our intention throughout this process has been to retain as many employees as possible. Many of the bankers from the former Banner Bank Utah locations now have positions at Bank of American Fork.

You can download the Customer Conversion Guide here.

For a list of important dates and times related to the conversion process, please click here.

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