New Year’s Resolutions for Your Retirement Planning

Guest Author: F. Todd Schwendiman

At the beginning of each year, people tend to evaluate their lives and determine what needs to be improved in the upcoming year.  Your retirement plan should be evaluated as well.  Simply put, our financial world has drastically changed over the last decade and continues to do so.  In fact, there are many concerns going into 2018 with a massive tax overhaul set to take effect, markets near all-time highs, pension and entitlement program changes, and continued national spending and budget issues.  With all these issues and more on the forefront of people’s minds this year, it is no surprise that there may be a lot of financially-related New Year’s resolutions in 2018.


It is extremely important to evaluate your current retirement situation and look for areas that can be improved, no matter if you are still working or already retired.  Think about your planning for a moment and ask yourself a couple questions: 1) “Have I made any necessary adjustments in my planning lately?” and 2) “Am I 100% sure that my/our retirement situation is set up the best way for my/our unique and specific situation?”  If your answer is “no” to either of these questions, then it may be a good idea to make it a New Year’s resolution this year to get some valuable help.  Consider looking for a qualified, competent, educated and experienced retirement specialist to help you be aware of and understand your options, to make sure your planning is setup for your unique and specific situation, and to help keep your retirement nest egg safe and sound.


  1. Todd Schwendiman is the founder and principal owner of Heritage Solutions Group, which was founded in 2000 to help residents along the Wasatch Front find peace of mind when planning their retirements. Dallin Schwendiman joined the firm in 2014 and is the General Agent for Medicare Solutions. Their mission is to help individuals and families resolve concerns in retirement.

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