How do successful people deal with stress?

You probably already know that too much stress isn’t good for you.

Sometimes recognizing that your stress level is too high is the hardest part of the process. Pay attention to the people around you—if your doctor, family members, friends or coworkers are telling you to take a break, it can be tempting to brush it off. While your personal level of healthy stress might be different from another person’s, you can at least take a step back and evaluate whether you might benefit from less stress.

At that point, the problem might be that it’s hard to imagine how you can relieve any stress without dropping the balls you’re juggling. Try looking at it another way, though: it can be difficult to make good management decisions, lose weight or get stronger, sleep well, be present for your friends and family, prioritize important tasks or eat well if you have a lot of stress.

It might feel like you can’t afford to take the time for stress relief, but the case may be that you can’t afford to stay stressed out.

I talked to some of the members of our management team about stress, and here are a few of the ideas that stood out when I asked, “How do you deal with stress?”

Rick Anderson, President/COO, People’s Intermountain Bank

“I play basketball for exercise and I have a little hobby farm for diversion—find a hobby or activity that is different from what you do all day at work.

Dale M. Buxton, President, Lewiston State Bank

“I try to take the time to step back or step away from stressful situations long enough to gain proper perspective. Sometimes in the “heat of battle,” we may fail to look around and see what the real issues are and end up fighting the wrong battles.

I also ask for help when I’m dealing with a challenge. Gaining a teammate in a challenging circumstance can be invaluable.

Christopher Liechty, Vice President of Marketing, People’s Intermountain Bank

“Yoga, mindfulness and minimizing driving and increasing exercise by walking or biking to get places all help me to relieve stress.

Exercise is particularly effective for dealing with stress because it increases the chemical noreprinephine in our brains, which enhances our physical ability to respond to stress, reported Business Insider. We recently shared some ideas for improving physical health when you’re a busy business owner.

Consider taking some time to deal with the stress in your life before you get another ulcer—and tell us what you do to relieve stress.

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